"Esther Moon is both a gifted and scientific astrologer. She brings to the table an enormous wealth of experience, a true intuitive talent and a wonderfully nonjudgmental, friendly nature. She delivers her readings with an air of common sense and yet with an underlying tone of deep spiritual understanding of the chart. This type of approach makes it so easy to interpret for a novice."

"Esther is one of the most sophisticated, charming and nurturing Astrologers I know. Her approach to Astrology is intuitive and insightful. Esther Moon has a gift particularly with relationship issues, relating with ease on how to overcome any. Esther's amazing abilities can guide you to a more beautiful, peaceful and balanced existence."

"Esther has done several readings for me over the last Ten years assisting me with my own chart and self-exploration.. Esther is a compassionate, patient, and giving teacher. I have gained an infinite amount of wisdom and a wealth of understanding about myself from her. Following on from this the natal charts she did for my two children when they were born have assisted me greatly with discipline and a deeper understanding of their true nature. I refer to them regularly as they grow from toddlers to young children and am sure to benefit greatly from them during early adulthood."

"My friends have been thrilled when I have presented them with a Natal chart for their newborn, what a truly priceless gift and one to be treasured for life."

"Thank you Esther for all you have given to me, I know I would not be the person I am today had I not meet you, my life’s journey has been richer because of you, through your charts you have lead me to a place of inner peace and contentment – a greater trust in the universe, and a love of Astrology and the mystical world in which we live."