About Esther Moon

With a deep understanding of the astrological charts and a passion for helping people understand what makes their world go round, Esther Moon is an astrologer like no other.

Esther has been a practitioner and student of astrology for more than a decade and has been fascinated in the way the sun, moon and stars hold influence over our lives since she was a child.

"The universe, the planets, tides and moon have forever been a fascination for me. I've always been interested in the 'allergic reaction' we all have with certain people," Esther says.

"Astrology is a tool to deal with the to's and fro's in the dance of life. It's a way to understand how our priorities change as we get older, and the feelings we have as we go through our lives."

"Everyone wants to know what makes the world go round and almost everyone wants to know how to attract the right partner and some signs require more work than others. I've been interested in using astrology to understand relationships for the last ten years and I really enjoy helping other people understand what is happening in their lives."